Pre-test Lessons

Fail to prepare - prepare to fail

Do you have a driving test coming up in Navan Test Centre?

At iDrive Ireland we offer specialised Pre-Test Lessons, covering all test routes used in the Navan Test Centre. Our extensive knowledge of the Navan area will help you pass your driving test first time.

Your initial pre-test lesson will last 2 hours. You will be directed around a chosen test route and marked on a test sheet in the same manner your tester will do on the day of your test. The pre-test will cover all the manoeuvres i.e. Hill start, turnabout and corner reverse. Back at the test centre you will be given a full de-brief explaining where each fault was made, why it was made and most importantly how to go about preventing it reoccurring. You will be brought around the route again, this time receiving full instruction so that, together, we can correct all of those “bad habits”. This process is a huge step towards having you prepared for your driving test.

One of the main reasons candidates fail the driving test is because of lack of preparation. Pre-Test lessons are essential if you are going to succeed and give yourself every chance to pass your Driving Test.
Preparing in advance is also essential if you are going to be successful! Give yourself sufficient time and tuition to fine tune your driving to test standards!

Top Tip 1: Call to arrange a pre-test when you book your driving test. This will give you weeks to practice the skills required to pass.

Top Tip 2: Take a 1 hour driving lesson immediately before your test. This will ensure that everything is fresh in your mind and get you “in the zone”